5 Tips for Vegetarians in Catered Accommodation

1) Don’t Set High Expectations!

One thing I’m soo happy I did was expect the worst going into catered accommodation. I definitely viewed it as a real negative to my choice of University and accepted the fact it wasn’t going to be easy. By contrast I had friends who were expecting home quality veggie meals and were really disappointed!

2) Don’t Overdose on Bananas!

Bananas were my saving grace when I first started catered accommodation. They were unlimited at mealtimes if you snuck some into your bag or went up for seconds! Unfortunately, it was a case of too much of a good thing. I can genuinely say after 2 months of eating ¾ bananas a day I had had enough. Fun Fact: I’ve only started eating them again this month!

3) You Will Eat Way Too Much Fake Meat!

The turning point for me with this was when they made me a veggie lasagne and they added fake chicken! Seriously, why do they think were so desperate for meat-like substances? Don’t get me wrong I love a veggie burger or hot dog as much as the next person, but it was all too much in halls.

4) People Will Interrogate You About Your Meal Choices!

Being Vegan I think this was more exaggerated for me. But, I was surprised how few vegetarians there were in my accommodation and was even more surprised at how many people thought I was going to die of protein-deficiency! My tip here is to discuss your choices with people who genuinely care and are interested, but if people are heckling you just try and ignore it until they stop.

5) Stay Strong, BUT Don’t Worry About a Few Takeaways…

If you’re anything like me you will be probably be on a pretty tight budget for University, especially if you’re catered! I found that for the sake of my sanity at least one dinner with friends or takeout really kept my eating habits in perspective. Not to mention my NutriBullet (RIP), which before being confiscated, blended me enough fruit to tie me over.


All my love xox

Ps. Take your Supplements (You WILL Need Them.)


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