5 Ways to Make Today Better

Hello! Sometimes life can get you stuck in a rut. Even when things are going well, I find myself looking for something to tip me over into more happiness!

That being said: here are my 5 fool-proof ways to improveany day!

1// Genuinely compliment someone on what they’re wearing- even better their behaviour or attitude!

2// Treat your face. This can mean a face-mask at the end of the day or spending an extra 5 minutes in the morning to add a serum or special cleanser.

3// Drink a massive glass of water. Go on: try it now! I guarantee you’ll feel refreshed and recharged.

4// If you’re having a really busy day. Take 10 minutes for yourself and watch a funny/interesting video on Youtube (I have some recommendations coming in my next blog post!)

5// Finally, give someone you love a hug- if you have a pet throw in a backrub as well!

All my love xox

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