Beauty vs Sports: Can I have it all?!


Sitting on a train heading back to university I am realising that my gorgeous purple gel nails need redoing.

Yes, there are a few considerations: cost and keeping my natural nails healthy for example. Yet, the point I keep mulling over is whether they will get in the way of my sports training?

I am in awe of women who juggle it all. 
You must know one of these flawless creatures who manage to look put-together 24/7 despite sweat dripping down their face and blisters on their fingers.
Full disclosure: that’s not me.
I don’t want to make a choice, but every time I go to put on a full face of makeup or curl my hair I catch myself wondering is this worth it?
And by that I mean how long will my flawless glam be preserved before I have rowing practice or weights training or a tennis match.
If only there was enough time in the day to be able to do both of these activities that I love.

I haven’t decided whether to get my gels redone, but if I do I might just ask for them to be shorter so I can still hold onto my blade (row boat oar). Aah the compromises we must make!

All my love xox
Ps Am I alone?!🙈

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