My name is Samantha and I am a Coffee Convert.

Yes, I was that annoying girl who’d always complain about the smell of your cup of coffee and couldn’t understand- why anyone could be addicted?!

Don’t get me wrong. Caffeine addiction has been socialised into me from an early age: both my parents NEED their tea every morning.

Moving to England, tea became an essential part of blending in. The classic line: ‘does anyone want a cuppa?’ became my key to acceptance.

Yet still, coffee? I loved a Starbucks, just hold the coffee.

Now, I’m sitting here with a strong latte: the only morning motivation needed. 

So, why the conversion? Firstly, a boy. Secondly, society.

1) Like most other drugs, love can convince you to get started😂

2) If everyone’s super productive with their excessive caffeine consumption. Why should I disadvantage myself by just staying drowsy?

Having lived most of my life without Coffee here’s a comparison:


  • Burst of energy in the morning
  • Boosts my workout productivity
  • Wakes me up midday, rather than napping
  • Instagram Aesthetic: @plantbasedsamantha


  • MONEY💸 (Of course I couldnt have an instant coffee addiction😭)
  • Addiction: I get withdrawal headaches without, tiredness
  • Break Outs- if I have too much
  • Breath
  • Makes me anxious- if I have too much

So, think hard before following in my footsteps. 

1/3 of America is already addicted. (That’s 100 Million People!!)

All my love and buzz xox

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