Is it good to be busy?

I am writing this post in a 15 minute slot allocated between a tennis training session and my weights session. Needless to say I like to jam-pack my day!

My mission in Second Year has been to get as involved in college and university life as possible. So, I’ve taken on three Executive positions, volunteer, write for the University blog, and, do my own blogging/vlogging. Not to mention working two jobs.

Normally my tight schedule works out. Unless someone tries to move something about like last night when I ended up going to bed at 1am and waking up at 5:30. AND after a 2 hour Rowing Outing I resisted every ambitious bone in my body and went back to bed after breakfast.

Why do I feel so guilty? I want to say YES to everything.

A Wise Woman told me “Your YES’s mean nothing if you CAN’T say NO”.

Starting today I’ve decided to take a step-back and no I don’t mean being any less busy. But, I said No (for once) to another Exec Position that I really wanted. (I’ll save it for next year when I can really dedicate myself!)

I’ve also decided to evaluate the biggest time commitments in my life and weigh up the two most important elements (Paul Dolan): Happiness/Purpose.

I’ll keep you posted if the mania subsides, but for the time being I’m looking forward to some me time on Saturday🎉

All my love and happiness xox

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