SKIN CARE: Time to get excited

Hey Everyone❤️

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Skin Care can be overwhelming, especially if you’re on a Student Budget like me! 

I worked at The Body Shop for over a year and had some specific training.

I’ve simplified and cheap-ified into the perfect Night Routine💤

Firstly, 2 Reasons to have a Regular Skin Care Routine:

a) Leaving Make-up on over night accelerates ageing

b) Residue Oil/Make-up can clog up your pores: Acne/Spots

Here are 6 Stages! (All are Optional of course!)

Stage 1: Oil-Based Cleanser

The oil strips through the cake and paves the way to clearing away the gunk.

I Use: (£10)

Stage 2: Micellar Water with Cotton Pad

This removes the oil-based cleanser and removes any residue makeup or oil.

I Use: (£4.99)

Stage 3: Eye Make-Up Remover (for Eyeliner)

This is for when you have waterproof mascara or eyeliner that won’t budge!

I Use: (£21.50)

Stage 4: Alcohol-Free Toner with Cotton Pad

This step is extremely satisfying to get rid of any excess oil or residue. Alcohol-Free is gentler and works even for sensitive skin.

I Use: (£7)

Stage 5: Facial Oil or Serum

Treat your skin/moisturise your face over night. Olive Oil/Coconut Oil works too!

I Use: (£14.99)

Stage 6: Thick Moisturisers

This Works. 

For Eyes I Use (£12)

For Face I Use: (£14.95)

Don’t forget nobody’s perfect! But, we can all aim to improve our skin to some extent. For me, there’s no better way to get ready for bed!🌃

I adapted this from Skin Care Goddess, Caroline Hirons. 

Original Here:

All my love xox

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