Summer's Over: What to look forward to


Okay, so confession time. I’m kind of glad Summer has ended. Yes, the heat and sunshine is awesome. Not to mention lazy days by the beach.

But, I’m gonna be honest and say I think Fall/Autumn (whatever you wanna call it) is BETTER.

To back this up with an argument (yes, I am a History Major): 

Here are FIVE reasons why!

1) It’s prettier. *Inserts Cute Photo Montage*

2) Routine. Okay, bear with me a little bit here. But, I love getting back into a routine, often with a fun new activity to try (yogilates here I come). 

Sometimes consistency is good, I promise.

3) SWEATERS. Remember these? Oh yeah. Snuggle up.

4) School/Work. Yes, I know I may stand alone in my feelings towards getting back into working/studying. But, really if you don’t love what you do/learn what are you doing with your life?

Inspire yourself with what you do everyday!

5) Its Nearly Christmas time. Am I the only one in desperate need of presents this year? Oh and family time of course. 


All my love xox

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