New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me?


I head back to Brussels on Monday, and in the spirit of getting back to the swing of things, I thought I’d take this opportunity to spread a bit of positivity. Don’t fall into the January trap. This time of year can be the hardest from anyone suffering from Perfectionist tendencies. Be that work-wise, health-wise or any part of your life businesses can profit off of. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably had a December/January filled with lazy afternoons and the perfect Christmas belly. Please do not feel pressured to overhaul your life overnight. I’ve been there and it sucks trust me.

So, you want to change your life for the better? Great. Here’s 3 more sustainable ways that take your mental well-being into consideration.


1) Try ‘The Happiness Project’ model.

I’ve been listening to the audiobook of this and have fallen in love. The basic premise is breaking up your resolutions into monthly goals. Breaking up each month to work on a different part of your life. 


Why I love this? Once I’ve decided my priorities I don’t have to worry about loads of little things. This month is Mindfulness month, so diet, work and relationships can wait. I know in the long term this works better for me (I drink a lot more water since last year for example) and my mental health is first.


2) Don’t try to lose weight just yet or at all.

Now hear me out. If you’ve been to Tescos recently or I’m sure any other supermarket. First thing as you walk in are the latest diet fads and ex-Geordie’s showing off their abs. F*** that. January has way to much weight related baggage. Also, weight loss in my experience is the worst way to measure actual health. If you’re dead set on becoming a gym bunny. How about setting goals like going to the gym twice a week or going for a long walk three times a week or eating one less bar of chocolate?


Why I love this? I’m not saying don’t try to be healthier. But don’t beat yourself up. Gyms will be quiter the rest of the year. Less possibility with comparison. Your starting weight will probably be lower in a month or so time. Rebel with me. It’s honestly been my funnest January yet.


Or embrace that cuddly, lovely belly- why not?


3) Make positive resolutions.

I don’t like resolutions like ‘quit alcohol’ or ‘no carbs’ or ‘be less lazy’. Psychologically it’s harder to get excited about cutting down on the things that use to bring you joy. Instead try implementing new habits. Ones that inadvertently worked towards your goals, but are less negative and critical. 


Like one of mine is rather than ‘no junk food’ eating 2 vegetables with each meal. Or rather than ‘dry january’ (which I’m doing btw) busier evenings and drinking more juice. These are obviously specific to me. But think about it!


Why I love this? Don’t beat yourself up. Take steps towards what you want. There’s no rush- this is a lifestyle change overall. Right?

All my love and support xox

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