Five TV shows I'm loving at the moment

Five TV shows I'm loving at the moment

My taste in TV is all about comedy and some kind of romantic plot-line. The only catch? These pre-selected TV shows make the Bechdel test and tend to surpass it. A quick history of what the Bechdel test is: basically it was first proposed in a comic strip by Alison Bechdel in 1985.

The basic premise? A film has to have a female character, the female character has to have a conversation with another female character and, wait for it, the conversation has to have 60 seconds where no men are mentioned. This may seem like a low-bar, but you'd be surprised how many of your favourite films don't meet this basic requirement. I recently went to the cinema to watch the Shape of Water - amazing film btw. During the trailers an ad for an action film came on screen. I whispered to my friend Lucy bets on how long until we see a woman. Right before I assumed the hyper-masculinity had no room for a female actor whatsover, the final scene cut to the guys in a strip club. It was genuinely laughable!

Anyway, I've done the heavy lifting for you with my selection. But my homework for you is to rewatch your all-time favourite film and see if it passes the test. It's one of these things you can't switch off when you start thinking about it.

1) The Mindy Project

An all time favourite for me. The show follows Mindy, a romcom obsessed obstetrician looking for love. Think no frills good humour and enough romantic catastrophes to make yourself feel better. Mindy Kaling, from The Office, wrote and stars in the show. Alongside a great cast and cameos from plenty of comedians.

2) Riverdale

Guilty pleasure of mine! I loved the comic books growing up, but the dark edge they've given the characters is just what it needed. Riverdale follows Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead a group of teenagers dealing with love and solving murders at the same time. If you like PLL, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries you will definitely like this.

3) She's Gotta Have It

The updated version of Spike Lee's iconic 1986 film. The Netflix series pansexual Nola Darling, as she reconciles loving three men despite their individual flaws. Covers a lot of political issues and contemporarises issues that face sexual liberation/racial politics today. Beware: lot of graphic scenes. You've been warned.

4) Master of None

I almost took Aziz Ansari's show off this list, given the recent sexual harassment allegations against him. That being said I love how politically engaged, yet funny and relatable Master of None is. Tip-toeing between humour and serious content. Not to mention representing Asian-Americans in normal problematic romantic relationships, which I wish we could see more of!

5) Together

I was pleasantly surprised by this recent BBC mini-series. Follows the adjacent lives of two British young people trying to get back onto their feet. Approachable comedy from turning up to your crushes life-drawing class to being unwanted at a house party. Neither of these characters a particularly likeable, but I like how they poke fun at fatalism and romance.

Hope you enjoy this list! And I'd love to hear any tv shows/movies you think I would like.


All my love, Sam



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