MAR 18: So You Wanna Educate Yourself

MAR 18: So You Wanna Educate Yourself


Welcome to March's edition of SYWEY. February was really busy for me, giving me a great opportunity to take some deep breaths and enjoy the ride. Also, I did a lot of travelling and so the podcast section in particular is fit to burst this month! As ever, drop me a message with any podcasts, videos or articles you think I might like - who knows you might get a s/o in the next edition. Plus, this month I slipped in a film recommendation for bonus fun.


1) Write Now: Coffee Break #61 with Sarah Werner featuring Bob Stromberg

If you didn't know I'm writing a book - now you know. As such I've been finding inspiration from authors, interviews and podcasts galore! I stumbled across this interview with Bob Stromberg who is a comedian and writer amongst over things. What I found most interesting is his tips for living a more creative life. Made simple he has a three step technique that anyone can tap into!

2) Sivana Podcast: Mindfulness for Performance Enhancement with Brett Larkin featuring Pete Kirchmer

Mindfulness is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. It can often seem overwhelming if you've ever tried to force yourself to sit on the floor and concentrate for an hour. But, there's a new wave of individuals trying to make the benefits of mindfulness more accessible. Pete Kirchmer works with everyone from pro athletes to CEOs. He's all about harnessing mindfulness to become a more successful human being. As ever, Brett Larkin's switched on questions make the whole interview incredibly satisfying.

3)  GirlBoss Radio with Sophia Amoruso featuring Karley Sciortino

I made an audible squeal when this popped up from my subscriptions. If you're into Vice and Broadly, like I am, than you'll already be familiar with sex-positive goddess Karley Sciortino. Her series on Viceland Slutever is without a doubt one of my favourites. Always pushing the boundaries of taboos from BDSM in America to hiring the boyfriend experience in Japan - nothing's off limits. The reason I squealed, however, was because Sophia Amoruso's podcast GirlBoss is all about the career trajectory of famous women. So, I knew this interview would let us into a different side to Karley. You won't be disappointed.


Luvvie Ajayi tells it like it is. Her talk is all about the importance of sharing what's important to you and being able to express yourself without fear of what other people will think. We need to be having more conversations about taboos and what makes us uncomfortable!

“Sure, it is a golden age of free speech—if you can believe your lying eyes.”

Ever asked yourself whether we truly are more informed thanks to the Internet? Nope - neither had I. Zeynep Tufecki makes a convincing argument that the Internet's noise and the ability to spread fake news is the biggest threat to Freedom of Speech. You only have to look at the most recent elections to wonder - maybe he has a point.

2) The 4 Spiritual Intentions Deepak Chopra Lives By on MindBodyGreen

I've always had a certain appreciation for Deepak Chopra. Behind all the celebrity endorsements and fame, I've always been slightly sceptical it hasn't gone to his head. That being said, I stumbled across a morning meditation of his that focus' on the four spiritual intentions he lives by. Well worth reading because I think you might be surprised!

3) Black Disabled Wonder Women Need Love, too on Longreads

“Your voice as the last one I heard before I fell asleep, I wondered where it had come from — the love.”

I love me some intersectional Feminist writing, so when this came through on the Longreads newsletter - I could not resist. However, Britney Wilson's story is about so much more than her identity. It's a tale as old as time about unrequited love and the desire to be truly seen. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

4) The March of Progress Can Go Into Reverse on The Times

Jenni Russell responds to the widely acclaimed new book by Steven Pinker. If you're not already a fan of his work (Through the Language Glass most famously), his new book about humanity might come as a shock. His optimism drips off the page, as he calls for us to appreciate the world around us. Russell responds to his remark and adds a touch of cynicism to his world view. Look forward. 

5) Hierarchy of Needs on Creative Nonfiction

“As a culture, we’re obsessed with the search for happiness, desperate for a definition of its formula.”

If you were paying attention in your biology or psychology class you might remember Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. I'm always drawn to individuals who try to simplify human experience. So, his pyramids of requirements that we need in order to realise our true potential is a favourite. In this article, Angela Palm wrestles with the over-stimulation from news that we all suffer with today and tries to find fun amongst the pain.



Whose Streets? by Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a screening of Whose Streets?, which is a documentary focusing in on the Ferguson protests in 2014 and beyond. I was especially eager because the co-director Damon Davis was sitting on a panel shortly afterwards to answer questions about the place for peaceful protest today. This film was uncomfortable to watch - I'm not going to lie. Shining a light on the injustices that we just can't see on mainstream news networks. I should be uncomfortable and I walked out of the screening feeling a lot less ignorant. Well worth a watch.

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