Feb 18: So You Wanna Educate Yourself

Feb 18: So You Wanna Educate Yourself


Welcome to my new segment So You Wanna Educate Yourself. I often get asked for recommendations when it comes to thought-provoking, life-shaking reading and listening. Listening to around 3 podcasts a day, watching one Tedtalk in the morning and reading 5 articles before lunch. I've selected the crème de la crème from last month for you. Enjoy!


1) RISE AND GRIND with Daymond John: Tyler the Creator

Not your typical musician interview. Tyler talks everything from creative process to staying ahead of the curve. Oh, and spoiler, you're going to laugh out loud at his 10 year plan. Awe-inspiring.

2) Oprah's Super Soul Conversations: RuPaul Charles 'We're All In Drag'

Candid conversation between these two giants. All about RuPaul's life philosophy for staying true to yourself, including exclusive tidbits about filming Drag Race. Heartwarming.

3) DO IT ON PURPOSE by Together Live: Ep. 6 The Power of Speaking Out (Or Being Silent)

Together live is a Stateside conference that brings together some of the most powerful women in the world on how to live your purpose. This episode features footballer Abby Wambach, controversial columnist Luvvie Ajayi and a thought jolt guarantee. Incredible.



Brené Brown is a gift to humanity. This is my favourite Tedtalk of all time (I watched it 3 times last month). Treat yourself to 20 life-changing minutes. An absolute must. 


1) Longreads: We're not done here by Laurie Penny

In the aftermath of #metoo. What's the next step for angry women who want change? The answers not simple, but at least we should try.

2) BBC: The world's most nutritious foods

Filled with lovely illustrations and minerals you need in your life. Aren't you interested who made the top spot? Spoiler alert: 78% are plantbased, 1% meat and the rest are fish. Personally, I added to my grocery shopping list and ate brussels sprouts for lunch.

3) Broadly, Vice: I Visited a Forest-Dwelling Witch to Cure My Crushing Existential Dread by Callie Beusman

Millenials are said to have the highest rate of depression. This article covers issues surrounding spirituality as a way to cure mental health. Does a 60 year old witch have the cure? At the very least her eccentricism might rub off on you.

4) Mind Body Green: What Carb Cravings Mean by Lindsey Smith

As I self-confessed carbivore I've always been interested in why I just can't get enough. The answers range from nutritional deficiencies to mental health. Who would've guessed it?

5) Picot Collective: A Guide to Setting Goals in 2018 by Britt

From tomorrow to before you die. How to set goals in a way that you'll actually achieve them. No judgment, no bs. But, if you have a stationary addiction like me beware.


Hope you've enjoyed this new segment and let me know if you like it! Open invitation if you find any articles, videos or podcasts you think I might like- drop me a message or comment down below. I'm always keen to learn more. The community will appreciate it to!

All my love, Sam💖

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