MAR 18: So You Wanna Educate Yourself (pt. 2)

MAR 18: So You Wanna Educate Yourself (pt. 2)


March was another busy month for me filled with trips to see friends and family in England. Not to mention some serious spiritual growth around surrendering to factors out of my control and fine tuning my happiness. I've got articles ranging from male touch isolation (the phenomena where men are deprived of physical comfort) to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' philanthropy. Podcasts-wise Dermologica founder on the key for female self-sustenance to celebs on ageing. What's not to like?


“The result has been a generation of American men who do not hug each other, do not hold hands and can not sit close together without the homophobic litmus test kicking in.”

1) Touch Isolation: How Homophobia Has Robbed All Men of Touch by Mark Greene (8 min read)

Mark Greene's article on male touch deprivation really struck a chord with me. I believe everyone would be hard-pressed to find a man fully comfortable with touching another man gently without allegations of homosexuality. What's re-assuring is that things haven't always been this bad and by looking back through history I'm hoping we can normalise male friends hugging in future. In the mean time, the next opportunity you get make sure to give your friends, family or loved ones a nice long hug. 

Find the article on Medium.

2) This 78-year-old Nun Wants to Save Everyone on Death Row by Elle Hardy (5 min read)

I've often joked that a really great first date opening question involves figuring out what your potential lover's views on the death penalty are - okay maybe wait until the third! That being said this is an issue I feel very strongly about and flowing off of my love thy neighbour spiel I've found a kindred spirit in 78-year-old Sister Helen Prejean. She has dedicated her life to provide support and lobby on behalf of those who are condemned to death in America. Her message? Come and watch one of these executions and see if you can stomach it.

Find the article on Broadly.

“When you break the rules, you feel powerful and like you’re doing exactly what you want to do.”

3) Why Breaking The Rules is Key to Keeping the Spark Alive in Any Relationship by Esther Perel (3 min read)

You might have heard of Esther Perel via her controversial TED talk Rethinking infidelity ... a talk for anyone who has ever loved. Personally, I've always been interested in relationship dynamics and the secret to keeping love alive in long-term ones. I believe it's everyones duty to be active in the way they love the people in their life, especially romantic partners. This article could be extrapolated to anyone wanting to learn themselves or others better - bullet points for easy reading!

Find the article on Mind Body Green.

4) The Billionaire Philanthropist by Jacob Silverman (9 min read)

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is an intriguing character. Currently his estimated net worth is over 120 billion USD, which is way more than I can possibly wrap my head around. To put that in perspective he's six times richer than Elon Musk and twice as rich as Mark Zuckerberg - all those Prime orders add up. When I think about billionaires I admire I look to ones like Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates who have dedicated masses of their wealth to charitable causes. So, what about Bezos' philanthropic ambitions? You'll have to read it to believe it.

Find the article on Long Reads.

5) People Reveal the Moment They Decided to Get Plastic Surgery by Chris Bethell (8 min read)

“It’s really boosted my confidence. I now let my husband see me, put it that way. I used to hide away from him because they were that disgusting.”

Cosmetic surgery has long been a hot topic for everyone from gossip magazines to LGBTQ+ communities. Vice brought together a group of people who've had everything from breast augmentation to top surgery to discuss why they wanted to go under the knife. Full disclaimer: most of the people featured did not have any complications in regards to their surgery and all but one are happy with the results - so take it with a pinch of salt!

Find the article on Vice.

Inspirational Video: The brain-changing benefits of exercise by Wendy Suzuki

Okay okay I get it. You might be tired about hearing how great moving your body is for you and how if you could just get off the couch your life would be a bizillion times better. But, Wendy Suzuki's research is ground-breaking. For years anecdotally people realised that a simple 30 minutes of exercise makes us feel miles better. Now neuroscience has proven how regular exercise actually changes the brain and can benefit us from postponing the onset of Alzheimer's to helping us concentrate. Get involved.


1) Mentoring Moments w/ Jane Wurwand (Founder of Dermologica) (50 mins) 

It's not everyday I can genuinely say a podcast has altered my life-path, but tuning into Jane Wurwand's secrets to success had a profound impact on me. Starting life in a small town in South England she traces her journey from humble aesthetician to multi-millionaire founder of Dermologica. Now her mission is to empower young people to look beyond the traditional career path and make steps to be self-sufficient. 

Find the podcast on Itunes.

2) Woman of The Hour: Aging (1hr 1min)

Featuring everyone from Khloe Kardashian to Jamie Lee Curtis, Lena Dunham has done it again with her inspiring podcast. Women and aging are not typically put in the same sentence unless something derogatory is following it. The interviewees talk about love and beauty against the odds in a society where we're an older women is still likely to be called a witch. Entertaining as always.

Find the podcast on ITunes.

3) On Being with Krista Tippett: Holy Envy (52 min)

Moving away from my personal comfort zone, On Being is all about interviewing individuals who are pushing the bounds of humanity beyond what we can currently conceive of. This particular podcast talks about the contemporary difficulties of being Muslim or Jewish in the turbulent world we live in. Bringing together two prominent conciliatory members of the movement, I definitely learnt a lot about how we can better understand other religions and live in harmony as one.

Find the podcast on ITunes.

Congratulations on making it to the end! I hope you enjoy this selection and, as always, I love your podcast, article and TED talk suggestions so keep em coming. Until next time happy learning.

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All my love, Sam

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