Queer Eye: Worth a Watch?

Queer Eye: Worth a Watch?


Queer Eye first popped up on my Netflix recommended a couple weeks ago, but I was going through a comedy special binge and overlooked it. But, when I was staying with a friend of mine last weekend she suggested we watch a lil bit of trash. I don't think anyones going to contest the fact it can be pretty trashy, but I've definitely watched worse (s/o to Geordie Shore fiiiire). That being said I've fallen in love with Queer Eye. In a whirlwind kind of romance way when you can binge a whole series in 36 hours - but a love none the less. 

Here's three reasons I'd recommend it:

1) Feel-good factor

I have been known to squeal mid-episode. Honestly, I agree with most of the reviews that talk about it being more therapeutic than anything. To me it doesn't really matter how much expertise the fab 5 have in their field (although clearly Bobby and Tan are the s***). Tapping into these men's lives and having such a powerful impact melts my heart. Breaking down stigma around men being emotional, mental health and the self-criticism we can all face. 

Not to mention, the tear-jerking car journey back from Atlanta in Dega Don't. We all need more love and compassion at the moment, America in particular. If we can bring down barriers and appreciate all of our common humanity we'd be living in a much happier world. 

2) Representation

Despite, more recent efforts to increase representation of the LGBTQ+ community in media. There are still a lot of stereotypes that persist. Often times it's the white gay best friend thrown in for good measure or the actors end up playing a caricature. I'm all for the progress we've already seen, but aside from Drag Race it's great to see gay men at the heart of a mainstream programme. Each with their own personality and showing their humanity beyond just their sexuality. 

Of course, it's great to have Tan representing Pakistani-British diversity and Karamo Brown offering a wider perspective on African-American culture.

3) Antoni

I wasn't surprised that so many people have been bashing his cooking skills online. The first episode I watched featured a hot dog with crumbled up ruffled chips - delicious, but not exactly gourmet. That being said what he lacks in technical finesse, he makes up for in pure Canadian charm. He just might be my favourite not gonna lie. 

Also, it makes sense to get these men who often have zero cooking experience to start off with basics. Cooking is all about confidence and by tasting these tasty creations they already love, they will most likely feel capable enough to continue. 

Let's call this 'room for improvement':

In terms of representation I understand that baby steps is key, but surely we could've had a wider interpretation of the queer community. I would've loved to see at least someone who identifies as trans or even - shock horror - a lesbian. Definitely, think the show can build off this platform of love and acceptance to empower the wider LGBTQ+. 

What are you waiting for? Sponge off someone's Netflix and give it a go. Well worth the feel good vibes and the pure gorgeousness on screen. Definitely encouraged me to splurge on new clothes and skin care this weekend - because I'm worth it!


All my love, Sam

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