Five #fitspo YouTubers I can't stop stalking

Five #fitspo YouTubers I can't stop stalking


1) Whitney Simmons

The queen of hot fire flames workouts herself (if you know you know). I worship Whitney Simmons her feel good vibes, her commitment to crazy gym routines and am ready for her to adopt me as her younger sister. Love love love.

2) Nikki Blackketter

Now Nikki may not be consistent with posting her workout and her content can be all over the place. To be honest I don't know why I consistently tune into her vlogs - normally they're just her chatting and doing random stuff. But, I love her laidback attitude to life and Maximus of course.

3) Jazmine Garcia

I first got into Jazmine's videos when I was preparing for Powerlifting competitions. Since then I've stuck around with her honest hauls and her realistic approach to a fitness lifestyle. The below video combined two of my favourite things and I'll be forever grateful #crackaddict.

4) Michelle Khare

You probably recognise Michelle from her stint at Buzzfeed. Since leaving she's really thrown herself into creating quality content. Investing in personal trainers, stunt actors and even clutter destroyer. I'm impressed at her commitment to her channel and love her raw reactions to real life problems - no sugar coating here.

5) Carly Rowena

What can I say about Carly? Her contagious smiles always put me in a good mood. As a qualified personal trainer her #GetGorgeous guide is manageable and easy to follow. I also love her relationship with her husband as they follow their fitness journey together. Apparently she's as lovely off camera as she is on - tick tick tick.

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All my love, Sam

The most important thing is that I feel good

The most important thing is that I feel good