Visualising Success: Law of Attraction

Visualising Success: Law of Attraction


This is my fourth instalment of my visualising success series and I’ve been really happy with the feedback so far – keep it coming. If you want more check out visualisation wallpaper, affirmations or gratitude. Not gonna lie, I’ve been putting off writing an article about Law of Attraction (L of A) for a while. You might’ve heard the click-bait headlines that go something like “make a million dollars using this mind technique”, “attract the man of your dreams into your life overnight” or “how I lost 40 lbs following L of A”. Clearly, there’s some truth behind these claims but I can’t help but feel like a bit of a purist when I see people on the Internet only obsessing over the material details.

Yes, L of A can help you lose weight, make more money than you could possibly imagine and maybe even find you your dream partner. But, the core teachings surround love and empowerment with those external physical manifestations (as they’re referred) as a happy side note. If you’re still unconvinced here are some of the celebrities who credit their success to L of A: Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay-Z, Will Smith and many more. Think of a celebrity who’s had sensational success and chances are they subscribe to the manifestation philosophy.

“You attract into your life those things, circumstances and conditions that correspond with the nature of your dominant, habitual thoughts and beliefs, both conscious and subconscious.”

L of A was popularised by books like ‘The Secret’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich’, but in it’s simplest form it relies on a law very similar to gravity. Put it this way, we all accept that gravitational forces exists – you are currently sitting or standing rather than floating. Even though we cannot physically see gravity. This is the same principle that governs the Law of Attraction, we can observe (sight, touch and sound) the impact of this law without being able to physically see how it functions.

For those of you interested in the science behind these findings I will link some of the research papers down below. But, for now let's take the teachings of L of A at face value. In reality, L of A is a massive part of my life and I spend on average 2-3 hours daily listening to Podcasts, audiobooks or YouTube videos about the subject – information overload. My parents first introduced the teachings to me when I was younger in simplified forms like "everything will work out for the best", "you can achieve whatever you set your mind to" and teaching me a gratitude practice before bed every night (I'm thankful for my teddy bear etc s/o Mr Snuggles).

“Fill in the blanks for the parts of your life where you want some magic to make things happen.”

During adulthood I've dipped my toe in the proverbial water a few times since my 18th birthday. From writing my 101 things I want to achieve in my life list to collating a vision board at university. However, in the last few months I've really fallen headfirst into a wormhole of information. What I’m going to break down for you as best I can uses predominantly the teachings of Abraham Hicks. I hope you can fill in the blanks for the parts of your life where you want some magic to make things happen.

Let's start with the basics:

1. You are a creator; you create with you every thought.

2. Anything that you can imagine is yours to be or do or have.

3. As you are choosing your thoughts, your emotions are guiding you.

“By governing our thoughts and emotions we can determine our physical reality (body, material possessions etc).”

If we take the premise that at our simplest form we are just energy, think back to physics class and atoms or biology and neuro pathways. Therefore, by governing our thoughts and emotions we can determine our physical reality (body, material possessions etc).

Let's take an example, say I wanted to cheer my friend up because they were disappointed with an exam mark. If I 'lower' my energy by wallowing in sadness with them and reinforce their fears about not achieving what they want to in life than I would be using my thoughts and emotions to make myself sad on their behalf. I think it's safe to assume this approach won't magically make my friend feel better. Where as, if I took the opportunity to stay calm and remind them of all the things they can be thankful for like the mark they got for their dissertation or the internship they have lined up. Not only would I be keeping my emotions high and positive, but I would also be offering my friend the opportunity to look for the bright side by triggering optimistic thoughts. 

Another example, is about a relationship dynamic if I was constantly nagging my boyfriend/girlfriend about forgetting to buy washing up liquid. I would be lowering my emotional level down to frustration and disappoint about a lack of washing up liquid - Hicks refers to this as a scarcity mentality. Counter-intuitively I would also be increasing the chances they would forget washing up liquid again by paradoxically reminding them to forget. You see, the Universe (or the culmination of energy) cannot see don't, shouldn't or can't it can only see the demand. By contrast, if I calmly reminded my partner "I would love it if you picked up some washing up liquid on you way home" not only am I not allowing the opportunity for negative feelings in my partner - I'm reminding them in a way they're likely to recall. By re-phrasing the language and underlying emotion we use we can determine the outcome.

“We are all using L of A consciously or unconsciously all the time - there’s no ‘opt out’ option.”

Now, here's when things get a little bit trickier - still there? We are all using L of A consciously or unconsciously all the time - there's no 'opt out' option. Have you ever noticed that some bad things keep happening to you? Like maybe you always forget to bring a hair tie to the gym, you're constantly late for work because of traffic or you only seem to find fuckboys. The reason is simple: you attract what you think and feel. So, if you spend all day complaining to your colleagues about how bad the traffic is in the system, messaging friends pictures of cars backed up on your commute and lower your emotion to frustration in the morning. The universe hears your message loud and clear. They will send you more traffic, frustration and maybe even a breakdown because you're using all your brain power to focus in on the negative. To be honest, it's making nervous just writing this down because my ride to work is always so smooth..

The same principle applies to fuckboys. I'm sure you have those friends that hop in and out of fulfilling and empowering relationships. They seem to effortless find needles in a haystack, where you can only find commitment phobic, cheating or lazy men. What do you say to yourself and your friends? Something along the lines of: "all men are terrible", "I hate men", "why is everyone unfaithful". The universe hears you like this "okay, great so they want more terrible men who are unfaithful fuckbuys - got it". Are you even conscious of how much brain energy you're expending on the negative parts of your life?

“It doesn’t matter where these negative thought patterns and emotions have come from: you can start to change your reality today.”

Not only is this focus on what you don't want going to bring you more of the same in the future. But, you also lower your emotions to negative ones of sadness, loneliness and hatred in the moment. Why do you keep screwing yourself over? Something I like to say to my 'anxious' friends (of which I used to be one) is that they are addicted to feeling anxious. No baby is born nervous, have you ever seen the baby swimming video? But, somewhere along the lines you've picked up these habits of focusing on the negative in your past (sadness) or future (anxiety). Maybe through a parent, friend or classmate. What the Law of Attraction teaches is it doesn't matter where these negative thought patterns and emotions have come from: you can start to change your reality today.

I'm sure you've enjoyed this short introduction into the principle of L of A, if you want to practice it right now here are three methods you can try:

1) Physically write down exactly what it is you want to achieve in the next 5 years - be specific about what, but not when. 

2) Tell a loved one you appreciate them and be specific about what it is they do for you that you like - to subconsciously reinforce this behaviour.

3) Test it out tomorrow. I'd like you to wake up and spend the whole day only remarking on the positive. If this means not talking about the weather - so be it. Be an innocent bystander when friends are gossiping, give someone a compliment and admire something you'd like for yourself. For example, how much a couple loves one another, a fancy car or a First Class mark. 

Give it a go, what do you have to lose? I promise you this has changed my whole outlook on life and I think it's about time to share my secret. I can genuinely say this has helped get my mental health problems under control, work is more fun, I'm more productive, exercise and eating healthier is easy. More than anything, I've loved the reaction from friends and family, I now feel like they're happy for me and can be more relaxed knowing I'm back to my fun-loving self.

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All my love, Sam


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