Hilarious comedians to watch

Hilarious comedians to watch


My main New Years resolution this year is to have more fun. It might sound simple, but I think it's too easy when work and studying and drama piles on top to remind yourself that life is meant to be enjoyed. In the words of fellow Canadian Drake: YOLO. One way to snap me into a better mood is a good ol' belly laugh, and when my YouTube feed has run out of entertainment, I like to turn to Netflix to scratch the funny itch. Without further ado here are my five go-to comedians and my favourite sketches by them. Enjoy!

1) Trevor Noah (1984)

Originally, I stumbled across Trevor Noah on BBC iPlayer with his first Live at the Apollo. What I love about his sets is the way he effortless blends tough subject matters with humour. I truly believe the best way to influence change is by appealing to people's humanity and often times comedy is the most effective. More recently, I was so proud to see him chosen as Jon Stewart's replacement and in his Comedians in Cars getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld. Boy, does he know how to hustle. 

I'd recommend his original Live at the Apollo or his Netflix special for guaranteed feel good vibes.

2) Luisa Omielan (1982)

Second gen Polish-British comedienne Luisa Omielan doesn't get as much love as she deserves. Not only does she hilariously incorporate big sis advice into her sets about love, body confidence and mental health. Her honesty and vulnerability is truly refreshing. Shocking at times I love her deeply and have a massive girl crush.

I'd recommend her breakthrough What would Beyonce do? or her latest Am I Right... Ladies? .

3) Katherine Ryan (1983)

Katherine Ryan and I have a lot in common, not only are we both originally from Canada coming to English life but we also have a leaning towards oversharing. Don't let appearances fool you, nothing is off limits to Katherine from complications in dating Jewish men to life as a single mother - I definitely don't support everything she says but I can't deny she makes me laugh. Recently, she's blowing up co-hosting a TV show on MTV with Jimmy Carr.

Check her out on CONAN and her new Netflix special.

4) Russell Howard (1980)

I first fell in love with Russell Howard watching his good news on my chaplain's sofa at school - weird unless you went to my school I know. At a time where it felt like media was (and continues to be) obsessed with all that's going wrong, Russell Howard provided a happy space to poke fun and highlight what he deemed news worthy. Since then he's gone from strength to strength with his regular slot on Sky and touring the world. 

Check out his Netflix special and him getting high here.  

Hope you enjoy the belly laughs. If you want to keep updated when articles launch make sure to like Samantha's Wonderland on Facebook and join our newsletter (down below). Definitely let me know your favourite comedians in the comment down below or slide into my dms

All my love, Sam

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